The SolStar Solar Charger for Iridium Satellite Phone

The SolStar™ T-12i 12-watt solar charger provides an excellent choice for Iridium satellite phone users who prefer a foldable, portable power solution. This charger powers any Iridium satellite phone model. Certified by Iridium.


Product Details

The SolStarTM™ T-12i charger has enough power for all Iridium satellite phone models. The panel stowes easily in your pocket while you adventure or work across the planet. Grommets enable secure tie down (in cases of wind or while on the move) Phone not included.


Product Features

Dimensions and Weight

Folded: 9" (229mm) x 5" (127mm) x 0.7" (18mm)
Unfolded: 29.5" (749mm) x 18" (457mm) x 0.03" (0.75mm)
Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4kg)
Max Power to Weight Ratio: 13.3 watt/lb (30 watt/kg)

Electrical & Thermal Specifications

Electrical Characteristics
Typical Current (milliamps) at STC* (at 11V) 800
Nominal Operating Voltage 12V CLA**
Typical Power (Watts) at STC* 11
Maximum Limit for Open Circuit Voltage 15.6V
Maximum Power (Watts) 12

Thermal Characteristics
Power (% / C) -0.6
Voltage (% / C) -0.6
Cell Temperature Operating Range -40º F to 176º F / -40º C to 80º C

* Data at Standard Test Conditions (STC)
STC: Irradiance level 1,000W / m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25º C
** Cigarette Lighter Adapters (CLAs) typically operate best between 11V and 14.5V

Required Equipment

Auto Accessory Adapter for Iridium 9505/9500 or 9505A phones (not included)
Iridium Female Adapter (included)

Auto Accessory for 9505/9500

Auto Accessory for 9505A