About SolStar

I founded SolStar Energy Devices in 2003 to apply the latest most advanced solar technology to develop portable solar energy chargers for mobile satellite communications devices such as Iridium phones, Inmarsat terminals and satellite radios. Our solar energy chargers also support laptop computers.

SolStar is headquartered in sunny, New Mexico, the birthplace of solar research and development in the U.S. Quality and testing is Solstar’s most discriminating attribute. Our world-class solar test facility is strategically located to provide SolStar with big benefits and advantages such as 300+ sunny test days per year, and access to the most advanced solar research and solar cell technology to be found anywhere on the planet.This is the essence of SolarRad®: SolStar’s unique process that ensures our customers get the most advanced solar cell technology available.

At Solstar, we have a commitment to quality and upmost performance. Therefore, we take the time to test our products and obtain certification by such industry leaders as Iridium, INMARSAT, Hughes, Thuraya, Add Value, Globalstar, and Thrane & Thrane. We know that satellite telecommunications systems can be a big investment. We strive to help you protect your investment. We work with these manufacturers and conduct additional testing of our solar panels to assure that our products work best with their equipment.


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In August of 2004, we launched our first solar product: The SolStar 1i rollable, portable power source for the Iridium 9500, 9505 and 9505A handheld satellite phones. In 2005, introduced our first foldable modules for both Globalstar ( SolStar T-12g) and Iridium ( SolStar T-12i) phones. In 2006, Solstar completed the testing and certification process to bring our SolStar 30 watt and 55 watt products to market to power INMARSAT’s BGAN terminals for mobile broadband terminals and laptops. In 2008, Solstar introduced the iSeries foldable solar panels, the i-10, i-20, i-60 panels. The i Series represents the lightest of our foldable panel offerings, and has been developed to charge handheld satellite phones, BGAN terminals, and laptop computers. Solstar panels are now certified for all BGAN terminals on the market with the 2008 testing of our i-20 kit for the Add Value Sabre unit. Inmarsat certified our solar chargers for the Isatphone Pro in 2010 and in 2011, Solstar successfully tested its solar chargers for the Iridium 9575 Extreme Handset.

Since our founding, our solar chargers have been used by mountain climbers on Mount Everest, emergency response personnel after hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and by peacekeepers and aid workers around the world.

We at Solstar have a commitment to good stewardship of Planet Earth. Of course, being a clean energy company is a great start! Beyond that, Solstar recycles 100% of our paper and purchases supplies containing recycled material to the fullest extent possible.Solstar aspires to do our part in being a leading company for implementing innovative clean energy across the planet.

I invite you to experience the most advanced solar technology available. Performance and innovation--- this is the Solstar difference.

Thank you for your business.
Very truly yours,

M. Brian Barnett
Founder and Chairman, SolStar Energy Devices, LLC